About Me

My name is Tomasz Czajęcki. I am a software engineer in Expo. I am originally from Kraków, Poland and currently live in Helsinki, Finland. Reach out on Twitter if you are around!

Short bio

I write most of my code in TypeScript and I am a big fan of the React ecosystem. I am most experienced as a frontend developer, but I worked on pretty much anything from designing screens in Figma, through frontend, backend and database or infrastructure work.

Technically I am sustaining myself by making money in developing software since 2015. Am I a professional developer with 9 years of experience?

I worked in Software Mansion between 2017 July and 2020 March. In Rainbow Wallet in 2022 Feb – Oct. In Expo since December 2022.

I have done my master’s as a double degree in cybersecurity program called SECCLO in Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland and KTH in Stockholm, Sweden.