My name is Tomasz Czajęcki. I am a software engineer in Expo. I am originally from Krakow, Poland and currently live in Helsinki, Finland.

I love reinventing the wheel to figure out how things work. You can see some examples of that in my blog posts:

In similar style, I created a library, Red Otter, which is a tiny implementation of flexbox layout in WebGL which also supports TTF parsing and text rendering. It’s just several kB of code and allows you to, for instance, render any kind of game UI.

Experience/short bio

My journey with programming started in 5th grade of primary school when I got very curious how to make websites. For many years I wanted to be a game developer. I didn’t succeed in that, but ever since I am enthusiastic about graphics programming and algorithms involved in pathfinding and simulations.

Technically I am sustaining myself by making money in developing software since 2015.

I worked in Software Mansion between 2017 and 2020. For Rainbow Wallet in 2022.

I have done my master’s as a double degree in cybersecurity in Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland and KTH in Stockholm, Sweden.

Throughout my career, I worked with following languages (in chronological order of first appearance): C#, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, React, Java (Android), React Native, Elixir, Clojure, TypeScript, Go.

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