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Understanding React by implementing it
Aug 12, 2021  ·  5436 words
From the creator of broken Google Maps clone, now a broken React ready to conquer your node_modules.
Baked lighting in r3f
Jan 18, 2021  ·  1443 words
Technique of baking light used for achieving very well performing Three.js scene with amazing visuals.
Making of: 3D Chess in React
Jan 6, 2021  ·  1041 words
Short summary of how I made a 3D Chess game in React.
TTF file parsing
Nov 2, 2019  ·  2814 words
Even though TTF files are binary ones and are not meant to be read by humans directly, they are not magic either. So we're going to parse them in NodeJS.
Making our own tiny Google Maps
Sep 7, 2019  ·  2047 words
Have you ever dreamed about creating your own interactive maps like the Google Maps? I did. Here's how to achieve it.
Fetching data from the Open Street Maps
Sep 5, 2019  ·  1801 words
A non-obvious task of downloading data from OSM has an unexpected, highly programmable solutions.
Triangulation of polygons
Jan 13, 2019  ·  1561 words
Triangulation is the thing you need when you have polygons, but graphic engines only accept triangles. Features Ear Cut algorithm.
Wireframes with barycentric coordinates
Jan 5, 2019  ·  1307 words
A handy hack to render wireframe of a mesh. How to use barycentric coordinates to achieve uniform edge width.
Brief explanation of WebGL
Dec 26, 2018  ·  3524 words
Quick guide about the concepts of 3D rendering and the maths behind it. Why matrices are so powerful, adding perspective, cameras and lighting.
Web Mercator projection
Dec 23, 2018  ·  531 words
Formulas and notes on the Web Mercator projection.
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